What About The Women?

What About The Women?
by Miriam Shaviv
The Jewish Chronicle
October 21, 2016

Columnist Ben Judah certainly touched a nerve when he complained last month about how unfriendly synagogues are towards three-times-a-year Jews.

“The rabbi lavishes his attention on the frum core… while the less frum families are pretty much ignored,” he wrote. “This is more or less what they get from the synagogue: a High Holy Days handshake, a funeral, and some glossy stuff in the post.”

Judah never mentioned the “United Synagogue” but the president immediately fired off a defensive letter to the JC.

“The article reflects a type of synagogue that I believe has been confined to the past,” protested Stephen Pack. “We are committed to ensure… every Jew is welcome within the US family.”

The US’s strategic review last year warned that it is “highly exposed” to disaffiliating Jews. So one might think Mr Pack would listen carefully to a young Jew explaining why he feels alienated, instead of lecturing him about why he’s wrong. Read More

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