Kiddush Kit

‘To Sanctify and be Sanctified’

‘To Sanctify and be Sanctified’ is an opportunity for women and men to learn more about the key ritual of Kiddush. The workshops are an interactive learning session, exploring the origins of Kiddush, women’s participation  in this mitzvah and its halakhic requirements, while also giving participants the opportunity to learn how to recite Kiddush.

JOFA UK is making available the Kiddush Kit, which includes a Kiddush Card (pictured above) and a beautifully illustrated quick guide to Kiddush designed by Rachel Jackson.


  • To hold a workshop in your community, simply identify a host, pick a weeknight, Friday night or Shabbat morning and provide kosher wine and some nibbles, such as crackers and cheese.
  • Order your copies of the Kiddush Kit.
  • Print out the source sheet for study.
  • Listen to the recitation of Kiddush for Shabbat evening and Shabbat morning by Bracha Jaffe.

Contact for more info.