JOFA Circles

JOFA Circles:  Community-Based Discussion & Study Groups


  • To bring together women and men who care about expanding the role of Jewish women and girls within the framework of Halakhah.
  • To support each other in creating positive engagement for women  in family, school and community.
  • To engage in textual study, discussion and to share best practice.


How to get started:

Simply invite a group of likeminded individuals from amongst your social circle or community to a meeting at your home.

Choose a topic of relevance to your group and select appropriate material from JOFA’s extensive online library,  TA Shma study guidesJOFA journals

Suggested topics: birth rituals, creating rituals for girls to mark 3rd birthday in parallel with ‘Upsherin’, Bat Mitzvah, preventing Gett abuse and more.

You could ask our guest to read select articles in advance of meeting and conduct a discussion book club style.