JOFA invites women to actively participate in Jewish life:

Life Cycle

Key moments in life can be marked by and for women in creative and halakhically permissible ways. We have collated suggestions and examples of services families have carried out to ensure occasions can be as meaningful as possible for everyone involved.


Festivals are an essential part of the Jewish calendar, and serve as a way of marking time throughout the year. The goal of this material is to help communities and families enhance their festivals by bringing fresh perspectives to old traditions, and offering suggestions for creating new traditions. There are so many opportunities to find meaning in the many powerful festivals that shape the Jewish year.


There are many ways to ensure synagogues can become more women-friendly places. We offer some suggestions and recognize that each community should work with its own leaders to discover practices that work best for them.

Study and Discussion

We have three core programmes to further learning opportunities for women. Join one of our existing groups or set up a new one on a subject that interests your group.