About Us


JOFA UK takes its inspiration from JOFA in the United States and sees itself as broadly  strategically aligned to its aims and mission.

JOFA UK was founded in 2013 with the encouragement of JOFA founder Belda Lindenbaum (z’’l), past Executive Directors Robin Bodner and Dr Elana Sztokman and past President Judy Heicklen.

JOFA UK values the continued support received from JOFA’s Chief Executive Director Dr Sharon Weiss-Greenberg and her team and their generous sharing of educational resources.

JOFA UK is a registered as a charity in England and Wales and an independent legal entity.


K’vod ha-Briyot,  respect for all human beings born of the awareness that we are all created b’Tzelem Elokim, in God’s image.

Viewing Judaism as circle with multiple entry points, each with the potential to lead to enhanced spiritual growth.

Understanding Halakhah as a dynamic system that balances tradition with innovation.

Individuals should be empowered to ask the right questions and to expect transparent answers from their rabbinic leaders.


We aim to shape communal discourse to actively invite and not just allow women’s participation in Jewish ritual, learning and leadership.

To orient Jewish communal discourse in light of the meta-question:
“How do we best ensure a vibrant, relevant Orthodox Judaism for members of both genders?”

Message from JOFA UK’s founder

‘The second decade of the 21st century finds women highly educated and occupying a wide range of influential leadership positions in the secular world. Yet when it comes to involvement in Jewish ritual and Jewish communal leadership their opportunities are considerably limited.

This gap between a woman’s secular and religious worlds can lead to dissonance and disengagement from the latter. My goal in founding JOFA UK is to try and narrow this gap by shaping public discourse around this important issue and developing effective tools to positively change this reality.’

JOFA in the UK aims to be a horizontal organisation achieving change by empowering individuals at grass-root level. So if you are passionate about these issues I invite you to get in touch and get involved. JOFA UK is only as strong as the people who get involved in it.

We look forward to hearing from you!

— Dina Brawer

JOFA UK’s beginnings