My Bat Mitzvah Story

Hattie Bolkover

Leyned the Rosh Chodesh Torah portion and delivered a d’var Torah.

My Bat Mitzvah helped me realise what it means to be a Jewish woman. With the help of Dina and my community,I learnt that my Bat Mitzvah could be more than just a party. Learning to leyn was something I now realise is so important for a twelve year-old Jewish girl to master for her Bat Mitzvah. I was told many times how fortunate I am to have been able to learn Torah from so many women who missed the opportunity and I am so grateful to everyone who helped me on my journey.

Livia Kandel

Leyned from the Torah on Shabbat and delivered a d’var Torah.

I approached the opportunity to leyn at my Bat Mitzvah as part of a process to encourage Orthodox girls like me to try and play a bigger part in the community and in tefillah. This was important to me as I think in the general world women have fairly equal roles to men. So while Judaism for me means being Orthodox and continuing to keep Jewish tradition this doesn’t mean that women can’t find ways to play an important part within that tradition.