‘Excluded’ For Running Partnership Minyanim

‘Excluded’ For Running Partnership Minyanim
by Simon Rocker
The Jewish Chronicle
November 17, 2016

Leading members of partnership minyanim – traditional services where women take some prayers – say they are being excluded by central Orthodox institutions from participating in key activities – despite their commitment to United Synagogue shuls.

The JC is publishing details of three examples, although it is believed there are more.

Both the former chairman of Kehillat Nashira in Borehamwood, Britain’s first open partnership minyan (PM), and another regular there say they have been barred from certain activities at their local United Synagogue, one of the largest in the country.

Meanwhile, a former lecturer at the London School of Jewish Studies, whose president is Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, has been told he can no longer teach at the college in part because he is an organiser of a PM.

Chief Rabbi Mirvis has previously ruled that PMs – where women as well as men can read from the Torah – are incompatible with US practice.

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