YourTorah is designed as an introduction to the 63 tractates (books) of Mishnah and is taught by women.  In each 18 minute podcast you’ll find the overview of one tractate, with a sample mishnah and a practical take-away.  YourTorah is a project of JOFA UK designed as a special invitation to women & girls to make Torah study ‘their thing’. (men are welcome to join in)

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JOFA UK offers many workshops for a variety of needs. Contact us if you would like to host one of these workshops in your home or community.

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JOFA can provide you with skills, resources and connections to advance social change around gender issues in your community. Our video webinars are tailored to the needs of Orthodox women and men like you who are seeking to build a more inclusive Jewish Orthodox community.

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The International JOFA Conference, held every three years in New York, is the premier destination for over 1,000 supporters of Orthodox feminism to celebrate, strategize, share best practices, and set the direction for innovation and impact in the organized Jewish community.

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The JOFA Online Library is a centralized location for resources on women and halakhah. The articles present a wide range of halakhic and sociological opinions on the life cycle, ritual practice, participation and leadership, education, community challenges, Orthodoxy and feminism, and the agunah question. New sources are continually being added to JOFA.org. Check back often!

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Shema Bekolah: Hear Her Voice aims to publicize the work of outstanding female Torah scholars and to increase the number of divrei torah written by women. These are published several times a year on the occasion of festivals and copies can be ordered.

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Select a topic of interest to learn more about a particular subject. Journals include birth rituals, bat mitzvah, Shabbat and more. Use the information to discuss these topics further with your friends, family and community.

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