Invite Participation

Let your voice be heard

We have collated dozens of ideas for using your voice to inspire and be inspired. From life cycle events to the Jewish home to synagogue and community events, try it yourself and invite women in your community to participate. Click here to see our 36 Ways brochure.


We invite you to get involved and actively create opportunities for spiritual growth in your community in several ways:

  • Start a JOFA Circle to  discuss best practice for engaging women and girls in religious life in family, school and community. Choose a topic of relevance from JOFA’s extensive online library.
  • Ask your rabbi and educators to teach a text-based class on a halakhic aspect of  women’s ritual participation.
  • Invite women to share divrei torah and distribute Shema Bekolah in your community.
  • Promote participation in JOFA’s educational events, blogcasts and webinars.
  • Join the conversation on Facebook through JOFA UK or Young JOFA UK to raise the issues you feel passionate about.

Raise women’s voices in your community in one or more of these 36 ways.